Autosurf & The Traffic Exchanges:

Are not making you money!

Start Surfing The Web Your Way

Many of you may have seen, heard of or used a traffic exchange or autosurf website and my goal here is to share my own thoughts on these as well as a different and better way to spend your time online, a way to surf the web your way.

For those of you that are not familiar with them, briefly, autosurf and traffic exchanges operate in basically the same manner. In it's simplest form, autosurf and traffic exchanges require you to view websites for a certain amount of time – anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds – and in exchange for your time and efforts, you earn credits which you can then use to promote your own website on the traffic exchanges.

Some autosurf websites are setup where members pay to join and share in the revenue generated but these in many cases have been found to be ponzi schemes and hence, typically can be illegal.

In an autosurf traffic exchange, they use a variety of exchange rates for credits and usually start you off with a bucket of credits as an incentive to get you to register on their exchanges.

From my experience, what I found on these exchanges and autosurf sites are marketers with the same goals of getting credits so that their sites can be displayed – the more credits you have, the more views of your website to other autosurf members. The problem with this is if I'm not a marketer, if I have no website to promote, what is my incentive to join an autosurf or traffic exchange program and spend my time clicking on links and viewing sites? Zero!

Even if you have a business you can literally spend HOURS on an autosurf and not earn a dime.

This to me is the biggest flaw in autosurf and traffic exchanges – the largest % of internet users do not have an online business or website to market so spending time on these sites is literally a waste of time.

All I find on these sites are others trying to market their own products but the only “prospects” they come across are like minded website marketers looking to do the same and it is an endless cycle.

Whether you have a business or not, there is a way for you to surf the web your way and get paid to do it. This is a new concept and is based on a proprietary private ad network called Get The Bar  that takes the pay per click (PPC) model and modifies it to the benefit of the viewer in a way that has not been done before.

Basically, per click charges for advertisers are fixed so they are not subject to the bidding wars you find in typical PPC networks – this is a HUGE benefit to the advertisers.

The advertisements are served up in the form of websites, through classifieds, through searches and through emails

  •  just like you experience today
  •  but all of this is handled by a simple toolbar installed on your browser.

It is easy to install, navigate, manage and earn money surfing. The difference for surfers is a percentage of the revenue from advertisers is then passed onto the members registered with the site and each time a member views an ad, performs a search, looks at classifies or receives emails, they are paid money.

Get The Bar does place a limit on the number of ads you can view each day (50 max) but they encourage you to invite your friends where you can earn money from their viewing of ads on the network. This truly is a new way of both marketing and earning money online.

Click here to download "Getthebar"